Thursday, November 26, 2020
LED Monitor

What Is LED Monitor?

An LED Monitor is a flat-screen computer monitor that uses light-emitting diodes as backlight. They are typically less expensive than LCDs, more reliable, operate at lower temperatures, and consume less power.

LED Monitor Definition

Technically speaking, every monitor is an output device that presents information from a computer on a screen. The difference between them is in most cases type of backlight used to illuminate thin film of liquid crystals in front of them.

LED vs LCD Monitor

The main difference between LED and LCD computer monitors is the backlight. LED monitors to use light-emitting diodes as backlight while LCD monitors use cold cathode fluorescent lamps. Because of that, LEDs use less power.

Difference Between LED Display, Panel, and Monitor

An LED display is just the same as LED Panel, it is a flat panel display that uses light-emitting diodes as pixels. In other words, light-emitting diodes are individually placed in an array. Since they are very bright, LED displays are often used outdoors as billboards and store signs. In the last few years, they are commonly used in public transport vehicles or as destination signs.

An LED Monitor on the other hand is a computer monitor with liquid crystals, just like an LCD, but instead of cold cathode fluorescent lamps, LEDs use light-emitting diodes as a backlight source. There are different types of LED displays and I will explain to them but let’s see first how LED monitors work.

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